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Serenity House of Libertyville Membership 

As a member of Serenity House of Libertyville, you will have:

  • Access to the building outside of scheduled meetings with a key card.

  • Receive an anniversary coin.

  •  Be given free entrance to any Serenity House sponsored social events.

But the most valuable benefit of membership is the sense of community, support, and hope that comes with being part of this organization. Here, you'll find a safe and welcoming space where like-minded people can offer each other encouragement and guidance on the path to recovery.


*Any person who is a member of Alcoholics Anonymous may apply for membership after acquiring ninety (90) days of continuous sobriety. Applications will be reviewed at the monthly Board Meetings.

Plans & Sign-up

Our membership program is designed to give you the best of both worlds – exclusive benefits and hassle-free sign-up.


With our streamlined process, you don't need to login anymore. Simply fill out the form and you'll be invoiced through our accounting system going forward. The plans are listed below to choose from, you can select the membership that's right for you. Thank you for joining our community!

  1. Choose a Plan 

  2. Fill Out the Form Below

 Membership approval occurs at the monthly Board of Director's meeting.

Membership Plans

Annual Plan



per year

Semi-Annual Plan



per 6 months

Quarterly Plan



per quarter

Serenity House Online Registration Form

Membership Choice Here:

Thank You for Your Membership Request at Serenity House

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