New Serenity House Key Cards


The new key card system for entry to the building was installed on Monday, April 25th. If you did not pick up a new key card last week, we will mail one to you, but we will need to verify your membership status (Dues paid to date, including 2021 dues) and your mailing address.

A member of the Serenity House Board of Directors will be reaching out to you to verify your contact info, and dues status in the next few weeks. Our intent is to have all keys mailed to current members who want one, by the end of May. We apologize for any inconvenience this is causing the membership. The reason we are not mass mailing the key cards is the cost to mail one is $6.58, which includes postage. We realize not all members need or want a key card, and would like to only issue keys to members who want one.

If you want/need a key immediately, you can reach out to a board member to validate your information/status and get your key.

If you are not sure if you are current in your dues, or wish to support our House, by becoming a member(and in doing so getting a key to access the house 24/7,) go to to apply for membership, update your profile or pay your dues.

Please remember that there are no dues of fees for being a member of AA, Serenity House is a non for profit business that host meetings for AA. 50% of the income that supports our House comes from meeting rents, the other 50% comes from membership dues. Please help us keep our House the comfortable, safe haven that it is.

Sincerest Thanks,

Serenity House Board

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